The WDE has released the Smart Start Schools Reopening Guidance Document. While this document provides a broad overview, addressing protocols and best practices around reopening schools in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in many ways it fails to account for the need to incorporate educator voice into planning for back-to-school, this fall.


Educators alone have the know-how and practical insight essential to maintaining the safest possible schooling environment for both students and education employees. Schools cannot reopen successfully without input from educators. To that end, WEA-NEA's Safe Start Schools Reopening Toolkit is intended to help local associations determine priorities and requests around everything from personal protective equipment to leave policies as they relate to COVID-19. 


Your Association has also developed resources to help local leaders work with administration. WEA is recommending that locals broach the idea of creating planning committees consisting of teachers, ESP, Specialized Instruction Providers, parents, community members, and other key stakeholders. Template inquiry letters and committee formation documents are available to local leaders upon request. 


The stakes are too high. Our health and safety and that of our students, communities, economy, and future depend on getting this right. To get it right, locals need a seat at the table. Claim your seat. Download the Safe Start Schools Reopening Toolkit, today!