Safe Schools Pledge 
Advocate for Wyoming schools to implement every precaution against COVID-19 when in-person instruction resumes this fall.
Sign the Safe Schools pledge using the form below. 
Please note: You may be contacted for input on survey efforts or with information about cyber-lobbying and advocacy opportunities to support safe schools for Wyoming students. 

Thank you for your commitment to supporting safe schools in Wyoming.


Please contact your local school board to advocate for the implementation of all possible safety measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Wyoming schools. Smart Start School Reopening plans are due August 3. Reach out to your school board today! 

Please visit to learn the latest about protecting Wyoming students and educators.

Know the 12: Daily Symptoms Screening Checklist

Download a printable checklist to help you screen your child for 12 COVID-19 symptoms before sending him or her to school each day.